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Meet the Canidapt Dogs

Meet the dogs who make up the Canidapt Team.


Founding Dog

Teckelfrau's Rufus Wainwright

More information about Rufus coming soon.


Lead Sniffer

Shecara's Sailor's Mouth LI-1 SD-1

More information about Shirley coming soon.


Chief of Joyful Greetings

Kayenna's Kerrygld Buttercream

More information about Gilda coming soon.


Director of Tiny Operations

Ch. Stardax's I'm Coming Out

More information about Disco coming soon.

In addition to Rufus, Canidapt was founded with the devoted companionship of three additional beloved Dachshunds: Qadash Downs' Cutie Pie-Tudie (Tootie), Teckelfrau's And Then There's Maude (Maude), and Teckelfrau's Afternoon Delight (Stella), without whom none of this would be possible.
Each of these original dogs is deeply missed.
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