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Do you have a new puppy, or an older dog who needs some basic training? Whether it's first time training or a brush-up, Canidapt has you covered. 

Using positive reinforcement, marker-reward based training, we help you and your dog work on foundation skills that will last a lifetime together.


For adolescent and adult dogs, some of the things we focus on include recalls, loose leash walking, stays, door manners, and polite greetings.


For puppies we spend the first 16-20 weeks working on positive socialization experiences, acclimating to body handling, sights and sounds, bite inhibition, using sniffing as a decompression activity, mental enrichment games, and learning to relax, while also adding some simple behaviours and skills to our repertoire in fun, rewarding ways. At Canidapt, we believe a puppy should be a puppy, and we do not promote rushing puppies into rigorous obedience training, instead focusing on life skills that will set you and your dog up for long-term success.

To schedule an intake appointment for your puppy or older dog that needs some life skills, click here to get started!

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