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1. a mammal of the dog family (Canidae).




  1. make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify.

  2. become adjusted to new conditions.

"Can adapt."

This is our philosophy with dogs, with people, with life.

We can adapt our own behaviours and help our dogs adapt theirs.

We can adapt our training to accommodate humans of different abilities and learning styles.


We don't make dogs or clients do things, we facilitate learning.

Force-free isn't a style of training, it's an attitude. A way of life.

It's about getting curious and finding answers.

It's about working together, as a team. 

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About Kate

Kate Peterson Koch CPDT-KA CSDT-2
Accredited Mantrailing Global Instructor
Founder & Lead Trainer

Kate (she/they) is originally from St. Louis, Missouri (USA) and has trained dogs in a professional capacity since 2007. Her dog training interests include solid basic foundations for puppies and adults, scent detection, cooperative care, and training service dogs. Adjacent to training, Kate is a qualified service dog evaluator for the province of Alberta and is passionate about accessibility in dog training as well as supporting team relationships between handlers and their dogs.

She holds a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed) designation as well as a CSDT-2 (Certified Sport Dog Trainer - Level 2) certification from Ford K9, an internationally renowned professional and sport detection training school. In November 2023, Kate became an accredited Mantrailing Instructor through Mantrailing Global.


Kate has competed in earthdog, barn hunt, racing/coursing and rally obedience over the years, and currently competes in NASDA with her dog Shirley, who is the first basset hound to achieve two versatility titles in the organization. Additionally, Kate has owner-handled her longhaired miniature dachshund, Disco, in conformation, and is preparing both Shirley and her golden retriever, Gilda, to compete in scent detection. Learn about the dogs of Canidapt here.

Kate is a longtime educator with a people-first, positive reinforcement approach to teaching. She attended the Oberlin Conservatory of Music (Oberlin, Ohio) and Webster University (St. Louis, Missouri) and holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Composition with a minor in Music Theory. She taught piano and classical voice full time for many years and can still be found playing piano or accordion (sometimes) and singing, mainly to her dogs.

Kate is a member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance (AFFA), Pet Professional Guild, and Doggone Safe™.

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